Some of you may be wondering, “What does KOALA stand for?”, “KOALA like the cute cuddly animal?”, or “Is this a league for koalas?” Here are the answers to your questions!

What does KOALA stand for?

KOALA stands for Kickball Obsessed Adult Leagues Association. It’s awesome, right?! Well, we, the KOALA Kickball founders, are really obsessed with koalas. We thought it would be great to incorporate two things we’re obsessed with and turn them into something everyone would enjoy.

Here are a few fun facts you should know about koalas:

  1. They aren’t called koala bears. They are just called koalas. And young koalas are called Joey’s! Imagine a little baby koala.
  2. Koalas sleep around 18-22 hours a day. (We are jealous about that!)
  3. Koalas generally live an average of 13-17 years
  4. There are about 40,000-100,000 koalas left in the world, down a signficant
  5. “Koala” is the aboriginal word for “no drink,” and this simply refers to the fact that koalas can go days without water (they get all the water they need from eucalyptus leaves).

Is this a league for koalas?

If you can find koalas who can play kickball, then yes! Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of any koalas looking to play. But our league is open to anyone over the age of 18. Sorry, no Joey’s allowed!

Want to know more about koalas? Here’s a couple of links we thought you’d find fun.

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