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Sundays @ PSN Park


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Our exciting, new adult softball league plays on Sunday mornings at PSN Park. Our co-ed optional softball league will allow players to try their luck at playing America's pastime like never before! Whether you're Jose Canseco or simply someone who wants to swing the ol' bat around, it doesn't matter - everyone's welcome! Register today for a fun season of Koala Softball. Includes 8 weeks of softball, paid referees, and automatic playoff entry for the top 8 teams.

Single season registration covers only the next season of Koala Softball at PSN Park.

Norman and Jean Reach Park (PSN Park)

7895 NW 176th Street, Hialeah, FL 33015

Register Today

Register your team and email your team roster to fun@koalakickball.com.

Don’t have a team? No worries! Register as a free agent and we’ll find a team for you to take your talents to.


september, 2023