1. Playoffs can take a few hours of your afternoon, so why not enjoy the time by making a tailgate party out of it?!? Bring a tent, food, drinks, and chairs, and – win or lose – sit back and enjoy any games your team isn’t playing in!!!
  2. Make sure to bring plenty of water and/or Gatorade to the field! Unlike all of our regular season games, playoff games are played during the hot, Miami sun, so please take care of yourselves out there!!!
  3. Dress up for the occasion! Show your opponents that you mean business by wearing eye black, or… dress goofy and make your opponents not take you seriously and get overconfident!
  4. Get to the games EARLY. Parking may become difficult, especially if other people arrive at the park. Remember, summer just started, so there’s a good chance that parents and kids will be at the park enjoying themselves on a Saturday! Don’t risk having your team forfeit because YOU aren’t there on time!!!
  5. Practice kicking deep for the Sir Koala Boot and Madam Koala Boot Competitions! The winners of each will receive a medal for winning!
  6. Invite friends and family to join you and watch! We always want to introduce kickball to new people!
  7. Don’t take the games TOO seriously. We want everyone out there to play competitively, but our most important thing is for EVERY PERSON to have fun out there! Respect other teams and respect our referees (along with their calls on the field… yes, they may miss a call sometimes, but hopefully bad calls even out over a game), and if you have any questions on the interpretation of a rule, GO ASK LORENZO.
  8. Follow us on SNAPCHAT!!! For the first time ever, we’ve added a Snapchat that we hope to launch for playoffs (@koalakickball), so make sure you add us!!!