Our lovely commissioner is in Oregon as we speak but you may have seen his face all over CBS Monday morning and various social media outlets throughout the day. It was very exciting to see our league on display. We want to thank all those that showed up for the recording and Kiko for being mic’ed up and replacing Jason that day.


We call this poll this week more like a survey due to many commissioners still on vacation. Only Jason and Gio voted this week but next week expect a full poll with 5 voters and full detail. Until then, keep retweeting and sharing our video and spreading the word!


  1. Freeballing (18 points; 1 first place vote)
  2. Wolfpack (18 points; 1 first place vote)
  3. Sit on My Trophy (18 points)
  4. Evolution (14 points)
  5. Kickball and Chill (12 points)
  6. Freeballing Down Under (8 points)
  7. Grams for the 20 (5 points)
  8. Take This L (4 points)
  9. Homestead Homers (4 points)
  10. Back to Black (4 points)
  11. My Pitch is Bananas (4 points)


Others receiving votes: Expendaballs (1 point)