Look here, a Commissioners Poll… what’s the special occasion!? We are back guys. We will be seeking to dish them out on regular basis. Keep yelling at Rene and Gio to make sure you get more polls. That said you should know who is writing this one.

Now, before you call me a bozo for titling this “Winter 2018”, first I’ll ask you how many cold days we’ve had this season? Let’s blame Hurricane Irma for the push back and global warming for any volatile season confusion while we enjoy the weather. You can expect the polls to be one step behind the official season for a little time as our “Spring Season” starts in May and Spring officially started last week.  

Alright let us get to what we are here for. We got two ties this week and a narrow margin at the top. Just want to say there are a lot of quality kickball teams that are not on this list, and really one swing to the L column for anyone of these teams and a W for another could drastically change things. However, there is lots of earned respect on this list.  You will notice there are more Miami Lakes teams on the list. Keep in mind it is our largest league right now with two divisions. We still love all leagues equally. I will use this to throw out that it will be 3 years on April 15th that Miami Lakes, our first league opened for the first time. Thank you everyone for being a part of our family and growth, and we are glad you are having fun and being active.

1. Grams for the 20 (29 points, Two 1st Place Votes, Pembroke Pines)

A familiar team with familiar players hovering at the top of our polls now for some time. Only one team in K.O.A.L.A. history has won 3 championships in a row (Life’s a Pitch). Can Grams be the second? What’s cool about this is that no Life’s a Pitch player is on Grams for the 20. Competition changes, let’s see if Grams can keep command at the top. They have yet to lose one game, which is pretty shocking given their VERY close margins and last inning comeback this season they can’t even deny. They lead Pines with a 5-0 Record and a +15 run differential. To put things a little in perspective “4rth” place team in Pines has a +12 differential. At the end of the day they are getting the job done, but I’d be at least slightly concerned about playoffs prospects without one humbling regular season loss.

Sometimes I write long segments. When I do I hope they are worth it for a reason other than making Rene cringe when he has to proofread. I have to throw this in there: they’ve gone 26 undefeated games in a row (just one tie). On paper it’s the second best streak in KOALA Kickball’s history to Life’s a Pitch’s about 28 straight wins through 2 ½ seasons with a successful 3 peat and a close loss on the 4 peat attempt. Even if Grams finds a way to keep winning narrow margins, I’m skeptical they have kickballs to go for a full year never been done 4 peat. At that point I may have to recreate “Make Kickball Great Again” out of principle.

2. RipNSlidaz (28 Points, One 1st Place Vote, Miami Lakes)

A spinoff of former dynasty PSN Slidaz, with a mediocre pitcher. Just kidding, but who could resist ragging on Jeff a little. Great team scooping up some KOALA Kickball historic talent. Pupo, Garsha, Danny, and Angel amongst the highly talented veterans. Can this consolidation, sleeping giants if you will, or perhaps another team hold off great competition in Lakes which has been I must say has been a little predictable lately?

3. Sit on my Base (24 Points, Miami Lakes)

Yes this menacing team is back. No that’s just not a metaphor for a kick ass kickball squad or a group of aggressively sensual kickball players. Their kickball chant’s only competition is the Aneheim Angels Rally Monkey. If there was a returning champion at Miami Lakes, Sit on my Base is the closest thing with many great pieces of the previous two championship teams blended in. But you can’t name a team “Sit on my Base” without Mikey Diva on the mound. How about adding Gus for a cherry on top.

4. Pata Sucias (19 Points, Tropical Park)

Respect. Last year’s Tropical Park Champions shocked the field for many teams out there. Now they are making it clear that they are still here. After many season of countless narrow losses spanning from season to playoffs, Pata Sucias made a statement last playoffs. These stickler’s defense has gotten even stiffer, and their feet are getting dirty kicking deep and running around the bases at the start of this season  

5. Smoking Buntz (17 Points, Cutler Bay)

Joan’s team will always be looking for the win! They are off to a smooth start to lead the standings in Cutler Bay. They had a great run last season defeating Freeballing Down Under during last season to earn the commissioners Trophy. Ideally they can get a chance to even out the playoff score against them this upcoming season.

Some nice words from Cutler Comish Rudy: This is a team that to start with, has a strong skilled captain in Joan, and each individual knows how to back each other up. They carry a no fear attitude and never back down from a challenge. It’s like the fine tuning of a car. They always stick together…even when it seems things are coming unraveled, they always manage to keep order. They have gotten only stronger with each and every season, and with the steam they are moving on an engine that might be hard to stop.

6. Globo Gym (17 Points, Tropical Park)

Quite the mix of some long time kickball lovers from Tropical and Cutler coming together to form this intriguingly good team at Tropical Park. They are almost as eccentric as their name, although not sure I’ve seen any hisses from their sideline yet myself, I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time.

7. Freeballing Down Under (11 Points, Cutler Bay)

Great team of some Tropical Park invaders and season 1 Cutler Bay competitors. This two-time Cutler Bay Champ has a lot of bullseyes on them, and are also going for the 3 peat. They were able to overcome last season’s regular season loss in the playoffs. How about this season’s early season tie against Prestige Worldwide? Keeping consistency seems like will be the key down the stretch for them!

8. Wolfpack (11 points, Miami Lakes)

A regular at the top of the charts at Miami Lakes. This competitor nearly always owns a spot on the poll. Although plagued by a several seasons championship drought, they enjoy being out there and would love nothing more than to win it all.

9. Suicide Squad (6 points, Pembroke Pines)

There are some other teams in Pines not being talked about, but that’s the way it goes. Suicide has earned the respect. They are building some great chemistry playing a number of seasons under their belt across multiple leagues, and they are hungry for bigger results! They always have fun doing it too!

10. Pan con Bolas (3 Points, Miami Lakes)

Well on their way to a Yellow Division Commissioners Trophy. I know what they really want though. How about we see some bracket breaking come playoff times? This group of players has been getting better every season not letting many balls fly by.  

Honorable Mention: My Pitch Makes My Kick Hard (Cutler Bay).

We love good competition. Don’t forget we are here to have good fun. Be respectful to each other, the refs, and league so that we can continue the atmosphere of fun. Please feel free to email us or give us your feedback. Happy to have mentioned many teams and a sadly only a few players. Would love to see some new teams come up next time around!