Final Poll of Fall 2017 season!

On Saturday February 24th, 30 of our KOALA Kickballers went out once again for the second year in a row to support a great cause in helping kick Cystic Fibrosis. They also got to meet Bryant McKinney and many former and current NFL stars. We want to thank Jerry our partner in helping run such an amazing and enjoyable event yearly, and we hope the event continues to grow so that we can all Kick Cystic Fibrosis together.

Even though the Miami Lakes season has started, we want to look back and give a final poll for our previous season. Congrats to our champions, Grams for the 20 in Pines, The Monstarz in Miami Lakes, Pata Sucias in Tropical Park, and Freeballing Down Under in Cutler Bay. Only half of those winners were also the regular season champions so, as always, anything can happen!

Do not forget to register and signup to play this Spring season and more importantly, HAVE FUN!

Grams for the 20 (29 points; 2 first place votes): Congrats to our Pines champions who went undefeated and cleaned it up in the playoffs as well. Led by Fidel, Grams have now won back to back championships in Pembroke Pines. They are returning their full squad this season aiming to win the trifecta
The Monstarz: (28 points; 1 first place vote): What a championship game that occurred in Miami Lakes spanning two nights and nine innings of play between the Monstarz and Ballbarians. Two very defensive teams gave up a plethora of runs early and often leading to a 6-6 game into inning 6. Then the offenses got quiet until the 9th inning when the Monstarz walked off to win the title and repeat in Miami Lakes.
Pata Sucias: (22 points) Pata Sucias made an amazing run in the playoffs starting off as the 6th seed but bursted through to face Kickball Team in a very hotly contested and quick championship game. Not a single run was scored until Melissa finally slid in to score in the top of the ninth inning. Kickball team was held at bay in the bottom of the ninth to finish off the 1-0 victory. Amazing run by then to earn their first kickball team.
Freeballing Down Under: (21 points) Defending champions from Cutler Bay made easy work of the playoffs down under in Cutler Bay by winning each game by 5 plus runs. They avenged their regular season loss to Smoking Buntz in the final to claim the trophy. A lot of fun changes are happening down in Cutler Bay this season so I recommend staying tuned for that!
Ballbarians: (20 points): Valiant effort by the Ballbarians this season. As documented above, this playoff team gave it their all and simply fell short in a marathon playoffs game. They are back though in Miami Lakes so we can only expect the same from the Fidel, Jason, and Mando led bunch.
Mikey’s Puppies: (12 points): Good season but something did not quite seem to gel together for them this season. They finished second in the regular season in their division but struggled mightily in round 1 of their playoff matchup against the lowest seeded squad and proceeded to getting ousted in the quarterfinals. Puppies, lick your wounds and come back again next season.
Kickball Team: (11 points): Great playoff run by them as well. Unfortunately for Isaac and his athletic bunch, once again they came up short in the finals of the playoffs. It feels like they will have to breakthrough eventually and that could be the upcoming season in Tropical Park
Rene’s Penguins : (10 points): Oh the Atlanta Braves and Kansas Jayhawks of Tropical Park, amazing run of regular season games. “We have never been beaten on the field in the regular season” Unfortunately they have petered out in the first game of the playoffs in demoralizing fashion and it was not even close. This season, they fell flat in a 5-0 defeat at the hands of Kickball Team. The champagne they brought was left on ice and even a commissioner forgets to vote for them in this poll. (NOT ME!)
Smoking Buntz: (6 points): Great team down in Cutler Bay and truly commend their pitcher and team for an amazing season down in Cutler Bay. They won a lot of close games and their only loss was in the final round to the defending champions. Cutler Bay is starting to become more competitive and is definitely trending in the right direction!
Wolfpack: (5 points): We did not forget the Wolfpack who fought commendably this season but simply did not have the same punch as earlier seasons. The competition in Miami Lakes is definitely rigorous and Wolfpack in itself is a good squad. Let us see how they compete this season.

Others receiving votes:
Jiminy Kickits (1), Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard (1)