Hello. Hope everyone has had and continues to have a safe and speedy recover from Hurricane Irma. We are excited to get back to kickball. Stay tuned for scheduling updates. Let’s check out how things have shaken up and where we left off.  The margin of victory on many of these points shifts in the rankings is minimal as competition is stiffer than ever. One win can make or break your Poll appearance. Good luck and have fun! From J


1. Grams for the 20 (39 points) (3 first place votes) (Pembroke Pines) (4-0)

Despite being our youngest league, Pembroke Pines from the beginning has been highly competitive. Some Miami Lakes teams formed unions to invade the north and others split into multiple power houses of seasoned veterans, while new talented teams look to get a hold. Grams for the 20 has risen this season amongst them so far, to rock the poll with 3 first place votes. This team comes in with a solid victory over defending champions Back 2 Black, amongst others. Grams for the 20 players combines both seasoned veterans in Aikens, Fidel (also a sponsor through Carbonite Logistics), and Jen Ten along with up and coming stars like Fernando and James. This combination of newer blood and experience has set the new competitive target.


2. Sit on my Trophy (34 points) (1 first place vote) (Tropical Park) (6-0, 1 tie)

Tropical Parks defending champs dominating yet another regular season, although their last game wasn’t their best turnout with a tie to the unpredictable team, 45 bucks for a P.E. sport.

Their personnel is slightly different if I may add. But definitely good. I guess the question remains will they have a good showing for playoffs and resist any upsets. I think we can expect them to come in strong.  If for no other motivation Tropical Park, find a way to keep Commissioner Rene out of a trophy, assuming he shows up this time…


3. Kickball and Chill (32 points) (1 first place vote) (Miami Lakes) (4-1, 1 tie)

Remnants of La Familia are the not surprising commissioner’s favorite this week in Miami Lakes. You know who they are. But wait they added some extra talent from Sit on Base and Camila that I know for sure this season. Is this the team to beat? You know you can expect top notch Kickball from this Miami Lakes team that will take nothing short of remarkable to beat. This group is always an efficient kickball machine. It is kickball and Miami Lakes like all of our leagues, leaves a lot of room for fun but very little room for kickball errors!


4. Wolfpack (29 points) (Miami Lakes) (4-1, 1 tie)

Remarkable? Well Miami Lakes is full of just that. Edging out the Green Division in Miami Lakes sitting at the top of the standings is Wolfpack, a former familiar name and Miami Lakes champion with some two time champions and new faces included. Edging out the Green Division is no small feat amongst the ranks of Evolution and Bannanas, and forgive me for the shutout to my last place yellow division defending champs Ballbarians! Upsets are always around the corner. Let the odds be ever in your favor.


5. Back 2 Black (28 points) (Pembroke Pines) (4-1)

Last season’s Pembroke Pines champions, bearing a lot of resemblance to Kickball and Chill. Should be interesting to see if they can come back on their hold of the north, of if Ruce Betancourt and Ramsey Aikens and company will hold down the fort!


6. Freeballing Down Under (23 points) (Cutler Bay) (6-0)

There is a new foe down south! And heck a whole new league. Leading Cutler Bay’s eleven teams is Freeballing Down Under, a nice blend of the former team The Other Guys and some invaders from Tropical Park looking for some extra fun. For you new teams down there, play smart fun kickball and anything can happen but watch out for this experienced group and pick up a thing or two from what they are doing. Meanwhile the rest of us in KOALA Kickball are holding our breathes, wondering if Commissioner Gio after about 30 career kickball seasons will finally…possibly…get his first championship. Let’s see!!! Either way results in Cutler Bay will be fun! No pressure.


7. Expendaballs (22 points) (Tropical Park) (6-1)

Another one of my Tropical Park babies. Quite the diverse group of misfits as usual. This time maybe more than ever. These monsters from half a world away (Weston, Aventura, Homestead) after losing the first game of the season to Sit on My Trophy has rallied to beat Tropical rivals Freeballing, the Black Team, and Pata Sucias. Tropical playoffs, as always will be a game of narrow margins across the board.


8. Dadez Finest (12 points) (Cutler Bay) (4-0)

I can’t say much about this new team since my campaign in Cutler Bay came to an end and they have emerged undefeated this season. I can say this however, I have heard of them winning games and heard it’s not their first kickball rodeo. Look out below!


9. Freeballing (11 points) (Tropical Park) (5-2)

Once a team of free agents many moons ago, Freeballing has continued to emerge ahead of the competition, and even been the favorite at Tropical Park for a moment or two. Last season after winning the commissioners Trophy and having a dramatic rally for comeback in the semi-finals, fell a little too behind in the finals to bring home the big W! They will face another opportunity at a championship at Tropical if they can fend off the hungry teams all over the standings!


10. Take this L (10 Points) (Miami Lakes) (6-0)

Emilio’s squad will not take L for an answer in the Miami Lakes Yellow Division. But they have plenty to handout! Will be seeing in a few weeks if the top of Yellow Division can carve a dent into the Green Division! I’m not sure I would bet against this team!

Other teams receiving points!

Evolution 9 pts., Homestead Homers 5 pts., New Koala Order 4 pts, My Pitch is Bananas 4 pts, Vicious and Delicious 4 pts., Short Kickas But Out Kicks Tail 3 pts., Pata Sucias 2pts., My Kick is Hard 2 pts, Los Chanchitos 2pts, and Rip n Dip 1 pt.