Hi guys. Hope you enjoy my poll. I took some liberty to do some talking this time around. l still think you guys are all the best. Cutler Bay, sorry you didn’t make it again, but we got our eyes on you. You are definitely competing, and we have no clues who is coming out in top this season but they will make the poll. Miami Lakes, stop hogging all the space! <3 J

  1. La Familia (Miami Lakes, 40 pts)

Blah blah blah we know they are good. Possibly the best kickball team in KOALA Kickball history, although I’d put them a step behind the PSN Slidaz. Ok fine maybe I’m just trying to spice things up, but did it work? Miami Lakes is hungry La Familia, don’t falter and maybeee I’ll reconsider. 

  1. Dye Pitch (Pembroke Pines, 35 pts)

A few weeks ago I was like who is on Dye Pitch other than Gus? Then I heard Garsha was playing and it all made sense. Gus couldn’t do it on his own right? Wish I knew more about this squad but a 6-0 record in this competitive league is a feat. A few teams have their eye on this front runner to see who can win the first Pembroke Pines Championship. 

  1. Yellow Team (Tropical Park, 31 pts)

Oh hey Tropical Park nice of you stop by? Can you hang in the company of the north? Can you even win your league? Rene seems to think they are the second best team in KOALA Kickball. Well listen, despite last week’s lack luster one run victory over the resilient Patas Sucias, this team’s undefeated record earns its respect. An unlikely mix of gray shirt wearing role players make this team a favorite at tropical, and perhaps a threat to play anyone???

  1. Back to Black (Pembroke Pines, 30 pts)

We know Kiko wants to kick off the new league with a Victory. But will he hang on to beat his former teammates from Tropical Parks former Life’s a Pitch? It’s no wonder Dye Pitch and Back to Black are leading the way up in pines, and this Life’s a Pitch Civil War will be fun to watch playoff day.  That is if they can get past some other sneaky good Pines Teams. This is Kickball at its finest.

  1. Freeballing (Tropical Park, 25 pts)

Once a fun team merrily enjoying their easy schedules, Freeballing has stood out as a long standing Tropical contender now with not one but two impressive victories over Back to Black. Will they allow the Gray Yellow Team to take their moment? Oh will the yell fire at their opponents on the way to victory?

  1. Sit on My Base (Miami Lakes, 22 pts)

Back to lakes we go. Something will give this week settling a rained out game agains Ballbarians they currently lead 1-0. But if you ask me, this team is scary. They normally play better in the playoffs and they are competing for a top seed right now. There chant is as dangerous as the rally monkey. But I like that they know how to have a good time to throw any punches here. Just please go lose this Wednesday thanks! 

  1. Win or Lose Still Booze (Miami Lakes, 16 pts)

Still hanging high in the standings, but it’s no secret they lost the kickball version of the wonder twin girls, shout out to Cami and Joe in Michigan. Fat lady is far from singing however when big Papa is pitching right? I hope you’re not sick of Miami Lakes teams yet…

  1. Ballbarians (Miami Lakes, 16 pts)

They finally made the poll after Fidel’s aggressive lobbying. Honestly great all round team. Yes, I actually play for them lol. They got a lot of potential. Can they get the 14-person roster to function as an effective unit? Will Ballbarians be back to their old sneaky playoff ways? I sure hope so ;), even counting on it. 

  1. This Pitch is Bananas (Miami Lakes, 9 pts)

There were actually MLB scouts sited at their last game kickball game with radar guns. After a slow start, they are back in the mix and have a good a chance as any to get that second seed if they can gather their bananas. Finally, back on the poll after winning the B division last season and the narrowest of playoff losses. Lakes is deep! Congrats on finally edging out Opa Locka along with Ballbarians on the poll this time. They won’t be happy; we are going to have to earn it every week. 

  1. Black is Back (Tropical Park, 9 pts)

Longest tenured Tropical Team. Once known as Always Pitching, they hung by thread to stay on the pole this week after being burned by Freeballing. Top fun team to watch in KOALA Kickball though, I think Joe kicked it 250 ft against me a couple weeks back. At least three of their starters could compete for any leagues kicking medal. It may be the last season out due to Captain Jose, the one always pitching, is going away. Maybe they can pull it together and take what’s rightfully theirs! 

Almost made it: Opa Locka 8 pts, Yellow Fever 7 pts, Homestead Homers 6 pts, Red Team 5 pts, The Other Guys 4 pts, Patas Sucias 3 pts, Yo Momma Can’t Pitch 2 pts, and last but certainly not least! All My Pitches Love Me 1 pt.