Back at it again with the Commissioners Poll after 6 weeks of play at Miami Lakes, 5 weeks of play at Tropical Park, and 3 weeks at Cutler Bay. We are slowly winding down and the fight for the commissioners trophies are playing out. In Miami Lakes, division A is all but solidified by La Familia, but division B is coming down to the wire with Opa Locka Goonz playing both of its main competitors in the upcoming two weeks. In Tropical Park, there are three teams sitting at 4-1 fighting for that top spot. Cutler Bay is still early and has a lot of game still left.

Quick side note on this poll: There may be a curse for the teams sitting at number 2 at the poll. Three weeks ago, Life’s a Pitch at number 2 took the loss to Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard. Two weeks ago, Wolfpack at number 2 took the loss to Ref Deez Nuts. Finally, last week Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard took the loss to Make Kickball Great Again. Will the theme continue this week? I sure hope so as Life’s a Pitch is back at 2 and plays my team.

Now, on to the poll written by the ever superstitious Gio Lorenzo who will not rank everyone number 1.

  1. La Familia (30 points, 3 first place votes): There was lots of confusion throughout the ballot but none on top. All three commissioners had La Familia on top and they deserve to be. They give up a simple one run per game and score a lot. They are running away with the division and are simply tough to beat. Ballbarians played them tough last week but an upset will be shocking in the playoffs.
  2. Life’s a Pitch (26 points): The number 2 team in the poll will have to fight off the curse of being number 2 in the commissioner’s poll. On the field, they have played well lending themselves to a 4-1 record and are on top of the standings. They aren’t as strong as season’s past but they keep winning. If they fight off the curse and beat FreeBalling, they will be in the driver’s seat to win another commissioners trophy and top seed in the tropical park playoffs.
  3. Free Balling (22 points): My team last week was impressive. They went out and pitched a complete game clinic on a solid Commissioners Pole team that was first in the Tropical Park standings. Even I was impressed by what the team was able to pull off. Two major challenges await them in Life’s a Pitch and Make Kickball Great Again. Survive those, and Free Balling will be the team sitting on top of the standings come end of the season.
  4. Blackout City (21 points): Rene has been screaming for more respect. I need and want more respect! Ok Rene here it is, your team is fourth in the poll and second in division A at Miami Lakes looking up at La Familia. They had been struggling to score runs but finally put up a big number against dark pink last week. I’m not sure how it will translate into the playoffs especially with a 15 team bracket, but they are setting themselves up for a nice draw.
  5. Make Kickball Great Again (17 points): Speaking of teams putting on a clinic, Make Kickball Great Again went out and beat Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard (formerly 2 in the poll) by a 6-2 score. What was even more shocking was seeing Jason go 0-3 and still see his team score 6 times! This team may be simply more than Jason. They are 4-1 with their only loss coming in week 1 to Life’s a Pitch. They will be playing an angry Commissioners Poll this upcoming week.
  6. Opa Locka Goonz (16 points): Division B getting some love with Opa Locka Goonz coming in strong. They have played very well and hold a 6-1 mark. They can clinch division B and a first round bye in the playoffs if they can beat This Pitch is Bananas this Wednesday in a game that will definitely draw my attention on Clay 1 at 8 pm. They have also beaten Blackout City earlier this season so they are definitely a quality squad.
  7. Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard (8 points: voted highest): One week you are 2 and the next week you are 7. Life is tough in Tropical Park and YPMMKH was on the wrong side of a 6-2 deficit in which they never seemed to get it together including one inning where 5 runs came across the board against them. This week, they draw the pink team in hopes of getting back on track and into 4-2. I still think they are a good squad which has a win against Life’s a Pitch to prove it.
  8. The Commissioners Pole (8 points): They are not a bad squad at all. Sporting two of my nephews, I have seen them play great kickball. My team just played extremely well across the board in a 6-0 loss. Their only two losses are against the top 2 teams in the standings at Tropical Park. My fellow commissioners voted them low but I support them still. Let’s see if they are able to prove me correct as they take on the third place in the Tropical Park standings this week.
  9. Wolfpack (8 points): How the mighty have fallen. A former number 2 in this poll has taken a loss against Ref Deez Nuts and a tie against Sit on My Base over the last two weeks. The defending champions are struggling and must play Blackout City shorthanded this week. If they do not recover soon, they will plummet down the standings lending to a much tougher draw in the playoffs.
  10. This Pitch is Banana (7 points): Big week for This Pitch is Bananas as its time for them to show us if they are ready for the big time. They may only need a draw but a win by them this week against Opa Locka Goonz should put them in the driver’s seat to winning Division B and that coveted only first round bye into the quarterfinals. Clay 1 at 8 pm. If you are not playing, I recommend watching this battle.


Also receiving votes: Kick My Bean (2 points) Balls Deep (1 vote)


Shout out to the Other Guys who are 3-0 in Cutler Bay.