Hello everybody. “The Kickball Expert” here writing my first poll in a while. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Commissioner’s this week agreed a lot at the top of the poll, but it was as good as paper, rock, scissors for the bottom half of the poll.  Competition is tight and there were some differences of opinions. There were a few anomalies this week. In Tropical Park alone 5 teams are tied with a 3 – 1 record, those votes coming down largely due to matchups and run differential. However despite the fact all commissioners voted evenly 5 teams from each league, when the math was put together 6 Miami Lakes teams came out in the top 10 of the poll. Meanwhile, La Familia has largely separated itself from Miami Lakes sitting 4 spots ahead of the next Miami Lakes team in the poll. Enjoy ladies and gentlemen. I’m just going to throw in some random fun internet facts to help get you through the week and perhaps trick some of you into reading the whole thing. They are random.

  1. La Familia (30 points; 3 first place votes, Miami Lakes): An eagle can kill a young dear and fly away with it.

Already mentioned they have separated themselves from the pack. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Let’s not forget last season’s first seed was upset in the quarterfinals last playoffs. Still, this team poses a couple very talented speedsters and defenders and will be tough to beat.

  1. Your Pitch Makes our Kick Hard (27 points, Tropical Park): Polar bears can eat as much as 86 penguins in a single sitting.

A talented team with kickball experience finally getting the respect they’ve been aching for in their second KOALA season. We’ve learned the tide changes fast in kickball and it’s tough to stay at the top consistently. They earned their spot with a 4-2 upset over your next team on the poll. Win or lose, they are the fun party team of Tropical Park.

  1. Life’s a Pitch (24 points, Tropical Park): A sheep, a duck, and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon.

Disappointing loss to Your Pitch Makes our Kick Hard has dropped last year’s reigning poll leader Life’s a Pitch to the third spot. While they are not the powerhouse they once were missing arguably the league MVP Garsha, they are still a very good team with a lot great players and team chemistry. Once again this season they are reminded just how hard it is to stay perfect in Kickball, but they have no plans of letting anyone else win the Playoff Championship. You’re still going to have to try and take it from them.

  1. Commissioner’s Pole (20 points, Tropical Park): Ithyphallophobia is the fear of getting it up.

Running to the top of the league with a mix of new faces from former teams is your favorite deep kicking team. Except this time, while they are missing a few boots, they are also playing defense like one unit and have gotten to the top of the standings at Tropical Park. It looks like they could be hanging at the top of the pole for a while with some tough games behind them and leading in run differential. Question still lies if they can make the championship run in a seemingly open field and break the top two on the poll.

  1. Wolfpack (18 points, Miami Lakes): Squirrels forget where they hide about half of their nuts.

One championship is not enough. While they lead the rest of the pack in Miami Lakes, A revamped La Familia squad poses a tough hurdle for this pack to overcome. Despite a tough loss to Ref Deez Nuts this season, you know they are still only thinking one thing. Championship. We already know anything can happen in the playoffs.

  1. Blackout City (11 points, Miami Lakes): Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

While Wolfpack is ahead of them in the poll, Rene’s revamped squad is edging out the rest of the division in the standings for the time being. I’ve heard of some high expectations for this squads talent, but wins are very tight and slim pickings right now. They are going to have to hold on or it could feel a lot like blackout city.

  1. This Pitch is Bananas (10 points, Miami Lakes): Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun.

This really is bananas. This team is undefeated. A few seasons’ experience and a few changes in the off season have this team undisputed and undefeated at the top of their division, and it’s not like the schedule has been easy. They don’t care what division you play in they are playing to win.

  1. Freeballing (8 points, Tropical Park): If you lift a kangaroos tail off the ground it can’t hop. Making an appearance in the title game last season places the bar high for this team. The free all about fun team identity of the first season of this team has shifted to let’s get the W. Their girls are good and they still want to have fun.
  2. Opa Locka Goonz (7 points, Miami Lakes): Piranhas bark.

Don’t let that second division in Miami Lakes fool you. The number two standing team in division B beat the number two in division A earlier this season (Blackout City), and they nearly beat their other Division A opponent. The only thing in their way from topping their division is Bananas. One thing is for sure “Division B” won’t be backing down come playoffs.

  1. Balls on Fire (4 points, Miami Lakes): If you leave everything to the last minute; it will only take a minute.

Another Miami Lakes team? Yup one more. Competition is good up there. It really is paper, rock, and scissors and there have been some nail bitters. They are one of a few teams that can say they’ve lost by just one run this week.

Kick my bean (3 points, Tropical Park)

Make Kickball Great Again (3 points, Tropical Park)

Did it work? Tight competition, sounds like a fun time. Let’s remember we are all out there to have good time too and do our best to be respectful to each other. Miss you all in Miami Lakes, but I’ll be seeing you at playoffs. We will be keeping an eye on our new friends over and Cutler Bay to see who might sneak onto the poll soon.  P.S. Hope you are keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions. Never too late to give it another go.