Ladies and gentleman thank you for joining for us yet another K.O.A.L.A. Kickball season. You all make it possible and let’s continue having another fun season! It’s been a while since I‘ve had to write one of these things. Not sure if I remember how to but I’m optimistic I can still keep being the favorite commissioner ☺. There was a lot of agreement between commissioners this time around with Gio and myself (Jason) agreeing on all 10 votes! I can’t remember this ever happening between any of us. Rene of course caused a little controversy but that’s the fun part about any poll. Just a heads up, it’s not always just about your records but the matchups you win. So for those of you with undefeated teams not finding yourself as high as you’d like, all you have to do is beat a team ranked higher or even give them a close scare to work your way up. But don’t forget at the end of the competition we all play kickball to have fun! I’d be trying to win my team some free pitchers or tabs by dressing up for theme and coming out to Sports Grill too!


  1. Life’s a Pitch (30 points): The undisputed heavy weight champions of K.O.A.L.A. kickball with a 15 – 0 win streak, Tropical Parks defending champs. Life is a pitch. Somebody please stop them. Despite some playoff nail bitters last season, they may be the best team in K.O.A.L.A. kickball history. However, number two on this list has a longer tenure. A big question of late has been who is the better team, PSN Slidaz or Life’s a Pitch? We’ve had some interesting talks going on at Sports Grill of who would win a game between the two of them, especially with the interleague tournament coming up. Of course we may never completely know since many players play on both teams.
  2. PSN Slidaz: Still holding the fort in Miami Lakes is none other than the PSN Slidazzzzz. Last season after a couple falters last season to a very good Balls and Dolls team and one surprising loss to Ball Liquors they came back to win the league championship tournament and have taken off this season back at full strength.  Right now they hold are deepest respects and are the best team in Miami Lakes until proven otherwise. But they will have to face what will likely be there biggest obstacle, or wall left, defended by number 3 on this list.
  3. The Nights Watch:  They are dressed in black and are certainly the oldest order in K.O.A.L.A. Kickball. Jk kissy emoji face to Kiko and Pablo. Jokes aside, this is one scary team. Every girl on this team was a K.O.A.L..A. kickball allstar the first time around. They got some powerful chunks of players from last season’s Ball’s and Doll’s and District 28 to defend the wall from the relentless white walking PSN Slidaz with ice in their vains and are in a position of strength over their misfortunes against the wildling Ballbarians. Sorry I couldn’t help being a game of thrones nerd or mentioning my Ballbarians team somewhere on this poll. Anyways we will all be looking forward to the September 7th matchup against PSN Slidaz. If your’e not playing that hour you should definitely check this game out.
  4. Leon’s Angel: This group of players made an outstanding run in last season’s playoffs making it to the final after a sub stellar season. Perfect example of how any team in K.O.A.L.A. kickball can emerge as a playoff competitor and kickball experience paying off. But don’t be mistaken, this isn’t just any team. They are the hungriest most motivated team in K.O.A.L.A. kickball and they will come at you with all the kickball athletics and wits there are. Excited to see this team play. They have kicked off the season this time with a record 3 – 1 record.
  5. Goon Squad: They are loud, obnoxious, and incredibly good looking. Ok ok, yes I’m on this team too. You will recognize a few friendly faces from a few former teams and some experienced kickball vets I dug up to add to the competitive fun of the league. Although my hopes of humbling Life’s a Pitch failed miserably week 3, be ready to compete against this eccentric Goon Squad, they will give you a kickball challenge and may test your patience as I try to keep everyone happy!

5. Big Black Kick: Your friendly tropical park black team that has been playing since season 1. This is good team. They can boot that kickball and play a good all around game. Consistent play and limiting mistakes and this team can beat anyone any time as they have showed in the past with an interleague championship appearance.

7. Free Balling: Anytime you see free balling you know it’s probably a free agent team captained by Gio. However unlike its long lost cousin from Miami Lakes Season 1, this Free Balling team has yet to lose a game through 4 weeks!! It’s Purple People Eaters all over again. They have been been playing good kickball and have a fun group of talented ladies.  We will surely find out how they match up against some higher polled teams later on!

8. Bad Pitches: This group of youngsters putting in another season under their belt are showing are coming out strong this season boasting a 3 – 0 record. One win over the over a Miami Lakes team ranked higher on this poll could sky rocket them and shake things up. They will have to keep playing well and prove they can take care of business to stay on here but right now they have to be proud of that record, which if continued could earn them a favorable playoff draw.

9. Wolfpack: Lead by talented K.O.A.L.A. veterans Akins and Anthony in another fiery bunch eager to win. They know victory, as a group of their players were a part of the former second seeded teams of Suck my Kick not too long ago.

10. Our Kicks Don’t Lie: The Tropical Park cousin of Leon’s Angels with Rene on it. Also a very good team that could easily be higher on this list had they not lost a tight matchup to Goon Squad last week. They will definitely be a team to look out for come playoffs.


Hope you enjoyed the poll. Don’t forget after this season we will again be hosting our Interleague tournament and All-Star games. For those not familiar or forgetting, captains keep an eye on your opponents top players and do not shy from asking names because you will be submitting All-Star ballots at the end of the season. League playoff champions get invited to a four team interleague tournament with a big trophy (last four champs). See you out there!