Time flies. The Miami Lakes regular season has concluded and Tropical Park has regular season week left. As more data keeps rushing in, the commissioners are able to come into a better agreement of where teams fall in the poll. This week the poll was written by Giovanni Lorenzo who also appreciates those who read from cover to cover.


  1. New Kicks on the Block- 3 first place votes. 30 points; previously 1st. Another season and another commissioners’ trophy for the best regular season in Miami Lakes. They finished the season undefeated with their only blemish being a tie to Suck My Kick. The run they have been on is incredible but we shall see if it translates into postseason success this time around.  
  2. Gattaca!!!-27 points; previously 3rd. Dominating, solid, and very athletic are the three adjectives I will use to describe Gattaca!!! I witnessed their abilities up close for the first time all season last week and I was very impressed. They finished the regular season 7-2 with a very impressive +36 run differential. They will be a very tough out in the postseason.
  3. Blue Mountain Kicks-23 points; previously 6th. The very athletic Blue Mountain Kicks have figured it out it seems and are soaring in the standings and in our commissioners’ poll. It seems like their pleas are not going on deaf ears. They are the athletic version of Gattaca!!! down south in Tropical Park and are eyeing the commissioners’ trophy in Tropical Park.
  4. Suck My Kick-22 points; previously 2nd. Suck My Kick split their results on Wednesday to finish 6-2-1 and in third in the Miami Lakes standings. They have nothing to be ashamed of in losing to Gattaca!!! and they got their revenge on Pitch, You Don’t Know Me in the earlier matchup. Lorenzo is looking to finally get some postseason success but it will take the group coming together and of course a little bit of luck to achieve it. They still have the best chant in Miami Lakes.
  5. Purple People Eaters-17 points; previously 5th. The Miami Lakes core is fighting hard to fend off the competitors who are trying to catch up to them in the Tropical park standings. The Purple People Eaters still remain on top of the table in Tropical Park with one week left to go. If fortunes go their way, the outsiders may be able to claim the commissioners’ trophy in Tropical Park.
  6. Another Run-15 points; previously 4th. Wow what is going on here? We all thought they had it figured out, and then they have gone on a two game losing streak when it seemed like they were destined to be first in Tropical Park. The biggest shocker was watching them blow a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the 6th inning against Sexy Pitches. They can still take solace in the fact that they have only fallen to third place during this losing streak, and that they play Purple People Eaters in the finale.
  7. Primetime- 12 points; previously 6th. Getting healthy and dangerous at the right time is the motto for this team. After starting the season very rough, they have moved up into the 5th place spot in Miami Lakes and primed to make a run at the title. They don’t have an easy path though as they draw Pitch, You Don’t Know Me in round 1 and possibly an eventual 2nd round matchup against New Kicks on the Block.  
  8. Pitch, You Don’t Know Me- 9 points, previously 8th. The surprise team in Miami Lakes, they have fought their way up in the rankings and finished 5-3-1 this season. The addition of a few athletic players and veteran leadership has been the key to their rise. They fall in the same bracket as Primetime which should make for a very interesting first round matchup.
  9. The Only Tenn’s They’ll See-7 points, previously 9th. Veteran experienced players leading to very interesting games. Every single game they have played except for one has been decided by 2 or less runs which right now places them right smack dab in the middle of the pack. They have the players and mindset to make a run in the tournament next weekend, but they may need a little luck as well.
  10. Kickaine Cowboys-2 points; previously 10th. They put up a fight in their matchup against the Purple People Eaters which ended with them coming just short of a come from behind victory. They have a quality squad who is vastly improved from the squad they had last season. Every single one of their games are close so they should be a tough out in the finals.


Others receiving votes: The Misfits-1 point. (Rene)