Happy Presidents Day and post Valentine Day. Hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend, or at least most of you. Or maybe practicing for this week’s upcoming matchup. But either way, we hope to provide with a little leisure time and/or down time to pump you up for your favorite weekday activity. For the first time in the history of the poll, all three commissioners agreed on the top 4 teams. This week we will be giving nothing but love not only to our victorious teams but also to our hard working captains. 😉


  1. Gattaca!!! (Black) – <3 Andres 

(30 points)

This genetically superior team has unanimously blasted off to the top of the poll after facing teams deemed slightly tougher than their undefeated Miami Lakes counterparts. They are tied for a league low of 4 runs allowed and a +15 run differential through three games. They will continue to make a “Valid” argument for the number 1 spot. You can always expect a competitive game and a big teddy bear on the field when you play them.


  1. New Kicks on the Block (Royal Blue) – <3 Garsha 

(27 Points)

These not so new kickers are unanimously second on our poll with a 3 – 0 record, only 4 runs allowed, and a +17 run differential. This New Kickball Order’s one goal is K.O.A.L.A. domination, and they will stop at literally nothing to achieve their goal. Shout out to their long reigning players Garsha and Lorely. 


We are all looking forward to this weeks game between Gattaca!!! and New Kicks on the Block. 


  1. Suck My Kick (Maroon) – <3 Lorenzo

(24 points)

Leading the league with 24 runs scored has me continuing to wonder what is really behind the increasingly deceiving team names. It will be all fun and games when you face this squad on the kickball field. Watch out for their pitcher Akins, who’s quite possibly the Randy Johnson of the league! 


  1. Misfits (Garnet) -<3 Armando

(21 Points)

Things in Tropical Park have been too close and too early to tell. However, the Misfits are not fitting in Tropical Park right now. This time the main reason is because they are the only 2-0 team left through only two weeks after posting a +6 run differential this season! Perhaps the Greg Maddox-like pitching they are getting from Medina has something to do with it. 


  1. Ballbarians (Sunset) – <3 Me 

(16 Points)

Commanding 2 points in Miami Lakes run with 1 loss by 1 run to Gattaca!!! through 4 games has the former Morning Kicks hovering at the fifth spot. Unfortunately for us, tough ties to Ball Liquors and Pitch You Don’t Me are placing a hold on any poll upside.  


  1. Kickaine Cowboys (Black) – <3 Jose Varela

(13 Points)

Last season’s Thunder Down Under currently edge out the pack of 1 – 1 teams in Tropical with a league leading 17 runs scored through 2 games and a +9 run differential. I can’t help but reference how psyched they came in their first game posting 16 runs followed by heavy crash in week 2. This jolly but competitive squad is hungry for victory. Jose Varela has his cowboys ready to ride.  


  1. Purple People Eaters (Lilac) <3 Prieto and Jose 

(11 Points)

It seems like the late 1960’s Minnesota Vikings Defensive line is kicking balls in 

Tropical Park? One of just two teams in Tropical to be over 1 point in the standings through two weeks with one win and a tie. This team brings several experienced kickball players including players from Miami Lakes. Beware of their women, but my warning won’t help your defense. 


  1. Another Run (Red) <3 Brandon

(9 Points)

Last season’s defending champs have apparently been partying to DJ Khaled all off season. Despite a loss to Blue Mountain Kicks last week, you can expect them to get back to business as usual very soon. But don’t count them out as quickly as Lebron James counted out the Heat after he originally promised not one, not two… You can always count on them to challenge you on both sides of the field.  


  1. FarFromScorin (Light Blue) <3 Rene Vina

(6 Points)

(Captain not to be confused with the Ball Liquor/Misfit Rene Medina)

This Sophomore team’s name is becoming far from the truth. An improve and experienced squad is out to have fun and up for any challenge with a win over Ball Liquors and a tie with Primetime. We will be looking forward to this week’s bracket breaker vs the Ballbarians. 


  1. Pitch you don’t know me (Aqua) <3 Valen

(5 Points)

If you don’t know them yet, you may very soon. Second season captain and third year player Valen is leading his team to top notch play this season. I will personally call them this season’s team most likely to win an upset. So far this season, they are they are posting a loss to Gattaca!!! and a tie to Ballbarians when playing against teams currently ranked in the Commissioners Poll.


Also receiving some Commissioner love this week was “Pitch, Don’t Kill my Vibe” (2 points) and “The Only Tenn’s They’ll See” (1 point). More captains love to Isaac, Diana, Raposo, Manny, and Carlos. We all couldn’t do it without you. Thank you all new and returning players we love you all and hope you don’t break up with us any time soon!


Quick Reminder on How the Poll Works:


Once both leagues have played at least 2 games each, the Commissioners each cast an anonymous ballot for the teams that they think are the top 10 in K.O.A.L.A. Kickball across our Miami Lakes and Tropical Park Leagues. The first ranked team in each ballot gets 10 points, the second ranked team in each ballot gets 9 points, and so forth all the way to the tenth ranked team in each ballot, which gets 1 point.  The points that each team gets from each ballot are added up, and then the 10 teams with the highest total number of points are declared the Top 10 in the Commissioner’s Poll. Remember that this poll does not affect standings or playoff seeding in any way; it’s only for fun!