Hi everyone,

We’ve had a heck of a roller coaster the last couple years. We went from having four active kickball leagues to zero active kickball leagues in the blink of an eye with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. But while we were going through the suckiness of not being able to enjoy playing, it got us thinking: what if we added new sports? What if reimagined what Koala Kickball offered, with the idea of bringing you new, exciting sports (all the while still keeping our trademark kickball leagues)?

As COVID diminished and society slowly reopened, we embarked on a new adventure in early 2021: a brand new, successful volleyball league. And while we brought kickball to old (Miami Lakes) and new (Coral Gables/Grove) locations, we had customers constantly tell us they wanted more: more sports, more opportunities to play, more chances to meet people and have fun. So we decided to open a new flag football league. A new softball league. And a new basketball league.

With all this newness, we needed a way to let players and ballers know that we no longer just did kickball. We now offer new sports, new opportunities, and a new name: Koala Sports. A lot more newness. But the same passion for you, our customers.

From all of us at Koala Sports, we hope you enjoy everything more we have to offer you, old and new.

— Rene and Jason