Look what we have here, a Commissioners Poll… what’s the special occasion!? New website, new rules… but not really.  We will be seeking to dish them out on regular basis. Keep yelling at the Commissioners to make sure you get more polls. That said you should know who is writing this one.

It’s your boy, Mando from Kickball, or @MandofromKB. Hit that follow on twitter.

Alright let us get to what we are here for. We got two ties this week and a super close margin at the top. Just want to say there are a lot of quality kickball teams that are not on this list. We look forward to doing these more often. AND HERE WE GO…..

  1. Sit on this L(29 Points; Two First Place Votes, Miami Lakes)- The team that no one expected to win.  From the beginning of the season, everyone expected It’s Just Kickball and Slidaz to be playing in the Championship Game together.  This group of kickball vets fought through the season and beat both of them in the playoffs to take the title in Miami Lakes. They deserve to be at the top.
  2. Pata Sucias(28 Points; One First Place Vote, Tropical Park)- Five Straight!! I said five straight championships.  This team is the cream of the crop and one of, if not the most, successful dynasties in KOALA Kickball history. This team continues to find ways to win.  Don’t let the calm demeanor full you. They come to play, even though they keep saying they wont be back. SPOILER ALERT: They’re back.
  3. It’s Just Kickball (23 Points, Miami Lakes)- The key to success in KOALA Kickball is the girls; I don’t care what anyone says.  This is team had, in my opinion the best collection of girls on one team in a long time. They fought all season and were ranked first in the regular season.  They had some injuries in the playoffs that hurt them but they never gave up. This team coming back with a vengeance this season
  4. Slidaz (21 Points, Miami Lakes)- This team is known everywhere.  One of the most all-around talented teams put together. When you play them, you better be on your A game.  If not, you’ll have a bad time. No one really knows, but I think this may be their swan song. You wont want to miss it.  Make sure to catch a glimpse before they go away.
  5. Aint it Vice (19 Points, Pembroke Pines) – The Pembroke Pines Champions.  This team is made up of some All Time Greats of KOALA Kickball. Now I may be biased, because I played on this team, but it was one of the most cohesive teams I have ever seen. Being led by the Golden Arm of KOALA, Jeff, this team fought all season to get that title.
  6. Barofee Sting (9 Points, Tropical Park)- Who? This team was one of the most improved teams at Tropical Park.  They went from first round exit last season, to the playing in the Championship Game this season. Led by one of the most underrated pitchers in KOALA Kickball, Chris, this team is a force to be reckoned with at Tropical Park.
  7. Suicide Squad (7 Points, Tropical Park)- The first of our ties.  This team had fun on the field and off. A group of friends that slowly became family.  This was my latest attempt to win my first championship at Tropical. It did not work out but it was blast.  
  8. Just Kicking It(7 Points, Miami Lakes)- They won their division at Miami Lakes and showed that they were a team to be reckoned with.  They improved every game during the season and were always a joy to play against.
  9. Filthy Punts (7 Points, Tropical Park)- This was the biggest turnaround we have ever seen.  They did not win a game for their first two seasons and then came back this year to win the Regular Season Trophy.  This team is continuously improving. Look out for them next season!
  10. Goonies (5 Points, Miami Lakes)- The second of our ties. This team has continued to improve every season that they play in the league.  Everyone loves to play them but knows that they aren’t an easy W. Watch out for them as they continue to retool and work to improve
  11. Thank You, Next (5 Points, Pembroke Pines)- This team came in second place during the regular season at Pines.  It was made up of bonafide KOALA GOATS and up and coming players that continue to improve.

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Ballbarians (Miami Lakes)- 4 Points; Suicide Squad(Miami Lakes)- 1 point

We love good competition. Don’t forget we are here to have good fun. Be respectful to each other, the refs, and league so that we can continue the atmosphere of fun. Please feel free to email us or give us your feedback. Happy to have mentioned many teams and a sadly only a few players. Would love to see some new teams come up next time around!